Technology market trends are very broad, given that we are in the era of ideas and continuous improvement of business processes.

Check out 3 trends in the technology market

Many technological trends meet at some point, as technology generates new needs that bring new resolutions.


Among many changes in business processes we can include the need for new processes. That’s why many companies have intelligently redesigned their flows.

Hyper automation has several factors and tools that are part of technology market trends through artificial intelligence.

Therefore, hyper-automation is multifactorial, covering robotic process automation management (RPA), service integration platforms (iPaaS), business process management (BPM), among other aspects necessary within the company’s core business. .

low code platforms

The low code platforms make it possible to create applications without programming knowledge. Therefore, considering the current market and its scope, low code platforms are certainly part of the technology market trends.

Generally, these platforms provide an easy interface so that the user can perform the command, so that he can make an alignment so that he can insert text boxes.

In this way, it is possible for the user to customize the tool, developing his application in a targeted manner.

Like several other tools, low code platforms come from other technologies that were created to facilitate the development of various software, in addition to facilitating the creation of your own application, since these platforms allow the adaptation of existing tools in the company.

No-code platform

The no-code platform allows any developer to create open programming in a customized way. This development makes the processes comprehensive and easier.

In addition to the ease of software development, the platform also represents a significant cost reduction for companies.

 Continuous and resolute cycle Certainly, there are several technologies that are market trends. Therefore, it is important for companies to update themselves and for professionals to qualify so that this cycle is continuous and resolute within the technological market that is increasingly dynamic and intelligent.


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