Desenvolvedor Android Nativo Sr

Desenvolvedor Android Nativo Sr

Do you know what a Native Android Developer does?

A mobile developer is part creative and part great problem solver. This professional is responsible for working, together with a team, in the development of applications or systems for mobile devices, either by programming natively or using other languages.

To create an app, for example, several steps are necessary, and the developer must be responsible for all of them. That is, up to him:

reflect on the needs that the application must address — interviews with the target audience turn out to be a necessity;
develop the app from end to end, always thinking about the good user experience;
idealize the architecture, tools and resources that the application should contain;
perform the tests and configurations until it is ready for the general public.
Get to know some languages ​​that will be part of your daily life
For all the “magic” of creating an app to be possible, the professional will use different languages ​​in their daily lives. Below, we present the main ones.

The language most used by programmers around the world, Java is flexible and can run both in a browser window and on non-browser devices. In addition, it has multiplatform capabilities and technologies such as TotalCross, which complements it and has been gaining ground by facilitating mobile development for iOS, Android and Windows, all with a single source code.

This latest creation of HTML makes it possible to develop native mobile web applications. You won’t need plugins, as you can create pages rich in content and functions for any device. A great advantage of this language is portability, since the main browsers are compatible with HTML5.

It is widely used for the iOS operating system, used on iPhones and iPads, because this language integrates the best part of C and C++, allowing professionals to create applications in iOS native code.

Perfect for those who are new to development, it is a language with a clear and objective syntax — but still rich in possibilities, which results in sophisticated programs, without losing simplicity.

As it is developed by Apple, there is no language more suitable if your objective is to work mainly with the iOS operating system. As it became open in 2015, there is an expectation that it will become more mature over the years and developer collaborations.

What are the characteristics of a mobile developer?

Understanding programming, languages ​​and being an expert in Computer Engineering are obvious needs of this professional, however, they are not the only ones. That’s why we’ve listed everything you should develop to succeed in this profession. Come on?

Have logical reasoning
Logical reasoning is essential for every future developer, as it will be necessary to learn and deal accurately with all the languages ​​that you will be able to use. Mastering the logic of programming is an indispensable characteristic — thus, it is worth developing it better in college and in the day-to-day of the profession.

Having analytical skills
You will always create an application from scratch or upgrade existing ones. Faced with this scenario, it is necessary to analyze from end to end what can be improved and also how this is possible through the resources that exist. Often, listening to other opinions and getting the best out of them becomes essential for a better product.

We have seen that a mobile developer is responsible for the most diverse stages of creating an app or system. Thus, you will have to work on a phase already thinking about the next, always with new possibilities in mind. Multitasking quickly and efficiently makes you a competitive professional.

Knowing how to organize
Typically, every developer works to a deadline to deliver their application or system. Thus, it is essential to organize and fulfill each step within the stipulated deadline. Relying on the Scrum method, a kind of project management, can be a great choice for your team.

Communicate very well
Forget the myth of working alone. You will have bosses and teammates and, in order for everything to stay aligned, within expectations, it is essential to communicate well and provide feedback for the project to be successful.

No problem working as a team
Even geniuses need a team to help them. That is, you must understand how to delegate tasks and how to explain what each step can improve on — thus, your product is closer to the expectations of the creator or the customer in question.



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