Every year, Forbes publishes the Global 2000 list, its ranking of the world’s largest technology companies, and Apple leads for the seventh consecutive year.

Companies overall were found to recorded a record US$4 trillion in combined annual revenue over the past 12 months, up from US$ 3.3 trillion (R$ 16 trillion) from last year, even with a small number. 

The iPhone maker remains the most valuable company in the world, with a market capitalization of $2.6 trillion.

 Samsung dropped 3 positions in the global ranking, becoming the 4th largest technology company in the world.

The largest technology companies are based in the US (about 72 companies), China (21 companies), Taiwan (15 companies) and Japan (12 companies).

In addition to Apple, big names such as Microsoft, Intel, Cisco and IBM are also on the list. 

To check the complete ranking, just click here


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