Artificial intelligence is a comprehensive definition of technology in the digital age, being a reference to the human capacity to create and improve. Briefly, artificial intelligence refers to a kind of autonomous programming based on patterns, algorithms and databases.

Artificial intelligence: reactive machines, theory of mind, self-awareness and ANI

Therefore, artificial intelligence has several parameters to be explored, however, we will quote its classifications succinctly, considering the technical capacity and usability in the routine of  individuals and companies.

Reactive machines

Reactive machines are obsolete forms of artificial intelligence, although it seems contradictory, artificial intelligence is quite evolutionary; since reactive machines were not programmed from memory and therefore had specific commands.

Theory of Mind

The theory of mind is an evolution within the concept of Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, it also refers to the current development of several technological factors. 


Aware artificial intelligence refers to a way of directing machines’ understanding of their own wants and needs.

In short, this intelligence can be compared to the various robots on the market, being an intelligence that emulates human reasoning.

Narrow artificial intelligence (ANI)

Narrow artificial intelligence refers to an intelligence that only responds to a command, being very competent, but not so dynamic.

Super artificial intelligence

The super artificial intelligence has a large memory and analytical capacity similar to that of humans.

Artificial intelligence is part of people’s routine in several ways, through voice commands, process optimization, internet of things and automation in companies, so it is a technology that brings new technologies to the current market. Therefore, artificial intelligence technology is implicit in the very concept of the digital age, representing this indirect and continuous evolution.


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