Pedro Del Priore, Paulo Martinez and Marcos Brabo, partners at Agência Ginga, decided to innovate and created GIRA.DAO. 

The objective is to bring the so-called Web3 closer to marketing, decentralizing the concepts and technologies derived from this universe that includes blockchain.

To this end, they chose to set up a a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, also known as DAO.

The concept of DAO has been around since 2015 and is based on blockchain technology.

Experts say DAOs a a paradigm shift in the very idea of ​​economic organization, offering complete transparency, full control to participants, unprecedented flexibility and autonomous governance.

GIRA.DAO comprises four companies: Ginga(advertising agency), Diva (consulting focused on Customer Experience), Signa (consulting focused on User  Experience) and (consultancy specialized in Web3 projects).

According to Pedro Del Priore, the project is a new action proposal for the construction and communication of brands”

Paulo Martinez complements, stating that the main purpose of GIRA.DAO is the creation of an environment enabled for creativity to solve the challenges of contemporary communication and marketing< /em>

Finally, Marcos Brabo says that “the model represents a much more modern and inclusive approach to responding to these changes, with an ecosystem that allows different talents to connect and collaborate with their knowledge and perspectives to build successful projects.”

Okay, what about the technology?

First of all, we need to understand the technological concepts that exist in a DAO.  

According to Raphael Kling, from BrasilNFT, DAO’s companies “a group of people with a common purpose organized without a central leadership that uses the network < em>blockchain for decision making.

In summary, blockchain is a cryptocurrency financial services company. Web3 is an idea based on blockchain technology, and refers to the next phase of the internet. NTFs is a category of cryptocurrencies focused on unique and exclusive assets, they are the representation of a real asset in the blockchain universe.

Therefore, we are facing a future perspective of companies that work multiple business models focusing on democratic decisions and participatory management. 

Practical Examples

Raphael Kling, believes that the future is closer than we think. 

In an interview with Forbes, he said that “there is a lot of talk about tokenization of real estate assets, for example. In a building with 100 apartments, we will have multiple tokens of these properties and the remuneration for each of them. Another way could be a DAO that would own the entire infrastructure and make decisions in a decentralized way, in addition to remunerating the owners of tokens according to the established rules.”

When asked if the DAO model actually works, he cited the case of CO92 DAO, which raised US$4 billion to acquire the Denver Broncos football team. He also spoke ofKrause House,  ;DAO was born with the objective of acquiring a franchise and being able to assemble its own team to compete in the NBA, and it already has US$ 1.5 billion for that. 

It’s technology revolutionizing the art of doing business!


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