For the first time, startup Arabyka, specializing in traceability via blockchain, uses its technology in a batch of organic coffee that is being exported to Japan.

The coffee is from the brand Minamihara, namesake of the Japanese immigrant family, one of the oldest in Brazil.

According to coffee grower Andeson Minamihara, “This first batch, of 9 bags, is using 100% technology blockchain from Arabyka which will present information such as time and type of harvest, drying, lot, variety, rest time, day and pattern of export. The other members of the chain, such as roasters and coffee shops, can also enter their information during the sales process, until it reaches the final consumer”.

George Hiraiwa, CEO of Arabyka, said he believes that this novelty is a a great opportunity for Brazil to show the world that it produces safe and sustainable food.

Blockchain technology guarantees the transparency of information about the product, ensuring consumer safety.

Furthermore, it is possible to establish compliance protocols for agricultural production, in the environmental and labor areas, bringing reliability to brands, proving engagement in the face of social responsibility.

Hey, would you like a cup of coffee?


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