Customer Experience refers to the customer experience, that is, all customer contact with the brand refers to the experience that is delivered to the customer within this concept.

Customer Experience: customer experience and technology in management

The consumer in the digital age has a participatory and active posture that is totally different from the customer profile prior to all this technology. Therefore, the current customer needs to be attended in an integral way, considering their impressions and perceptions within the business idea.

For this reason, it is important that companies invest in technologies in a comprehensive way, considering developing specific systems and integrating data so that they can optimize processes.

The delivery of values ​​made to the customer

Besides that all these factors impact the experience that will be delivered to the customer. Therefore, the concept of Customer Experience is part of the company’s culture, covering the way in which management takes place, supporting the need for holistic and directed management within the concept of excellence and quality.

Sales flow optimization

Any customer interaction can lead to a sale; while, regardless of the sales flow, every customer interaction delivers the company’s culture and values ​​in an intangible way.

Therefore, the concept of customer experience is quite broad and technological. Since it is necessary for companies to invest in management technologies so that they can obtain reliable metrics so that management can make assertive decisions.

Multiple contact channels

In addition, the customer experience encompasses the concept of delivering multiple contact channels, reducing the bureaucracy of service processes and facilitating customer contact with the brand in cases of specific needs, such as exchanges or returns.

A qualified and intelligent experience

Therefore,  The customer experience within the Customer Experience concept refers to the entire purchase process, along with the quality of the product and the way in which it receives support when necessary, in a way that technology is completely linked to this qualified and intelligent experience. .


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