Empiricus is launching a cryptocurrency ETF, according to Felipe Miranda, a partner at the company. 

Trading will take place through the Empiricus TevaCriptomoedas Top 20 brand, which follows the portfolios related to equity funds of major financial market managers.

The ETF began trading on May 12, 2022 and already has BRL 70 million in seed money from Vitreo, the official platform of Empiricus. 

It is important to note that Empiricus currently is controlled by BTG Pactual.

The decision to operate with cryptocurrencies came for innovation and vision of the future. According to Felipe, cryptocurrencies have presented variations of 3 to 4 digits up or down, in a short period of time. The ETF will eliminate nonsensical currencies from the client’s wallet, making room to capture the upside potential of other cryptocurrencies.

Despite the greater amount of assets (about 20 ​​assets in the portfolio), the cryptocurrencies most relevant Bitcoin and Ethereum, since together weighing around 83%, oscillating towards more.

But what is an ETF?

Exchange Traded Funds or ETF, are nothing more than investment funds traded on the Stock Exchange. 

These funds invest their shareholders’ equity in assets, which aim to monitor the performance of some market index as a reference.

The Cryptocurrencies gain more and more relevance in the financial market and, in fact, investing in it can be a good option. 

However, try to study the market and try to surround yourself with as much information as you can before risking everything. 

After all, when it comes to finances, you can’t be too careful!


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