We are in the age of technology and there are many innovative technologies that can make a difference in managing a company in a comprehensive way in 2022. Check out some innovative technologies for 2022!

Innovative Technologies 2022: Data Mesh, Composable Applications, and  5G

The data mesh refers to a type of flexible integration between data sources, being an ease in the flow of information between platforms and users. In this way, all sectors can access the company’s data, regardless of the access location.

This technology is an important innovation trend for 2022, considering that it increases the analytical capacity of the company; while the platform that recommends data changes, making management easier by up to 70%.

Combinable Applications

Composable applications are applications built from modular components. Generally, it refers to an application built with a business-centric infrastructure.

Combable applications are certainly innovative, being a technological trend for 2022, as they allow the use of code and accelerate the development process.

This time optimization reduces the cost and improves the performance of the tool, that is, it is a tool that allows the company to increase its delivery speed without losing quality, which is essential for a company in the digital age.

5G Technology

5G technology is a trend for 2022, while it is already being used by several countries in a comprehensive way, being a great technological advance in several aspects, since it is a technology that allows the exchange of data extremely fast.< /p>

Therefore, 5G technology allows companies to optimize their processes, as well as the dynamics of the internet improves exponentially. In addition, the use of 5G technology allows for greater agility in the technological process of the Internet of Things, since the technology is multifactorial and complements directly and indirectly in the current market.


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