Devops Engineer

Devops Engineer

Do you know what a Devops Engineer does?

DevOps is a culture and philosophy that, in a nutshell, aims to unify the organizational silos of development (professionals who create applications) and operations (professionals who ensure these applications are working the way they should) into one team. This team uses integration, delivery and continuous testing to make improvements to the existing code base in production.

Logically, then, a DevOps engineer is someone with the necessary skills to serve on this team. But, like everything related to DevOps, the precise definition of the professional can be difficult to achieve – and some people claim that the term “DevOps engineer” is not the best way to define the job. However, more and more companies are saying they want to hire DevOps engineers and are willing to pay good money. Let’s see what these organizations are looking for.

Definition of Devops Engineer

Implementing a DevOps philosophy doesn’t mean you’re replacing all of your development and operations teams with an undifferentiated mass of employees, after all, different contributors will have different skills. There will be programmers, sysadmins, DBAs, etc. all working together. When companies use the term DevOps engineer, they want someone who can help bring all these roles together. Altexsoft, a software engineering company, describes the paper as follows:

“Some consider this person a systems administrator who can code or a developer with the skills of a systems administrator. In a way, both definitions are fair. The main role of a devops engineer is to introduce continuous integration and delivery workflow, which requires an understanding of the tools [devops] and knowledge of various programming languages.”

Developer Igor Kantor explains that a devops engineer is “someone who understands the software development lifecycle and brings software engineering tools and processes to solve classic operations challenges”. The key is having enough knowledge and experience on both the dev and ops sides to understand how they can work together – plus the soft skills that allow more specialized team members to connect and understand the world beyond their role.



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