Fullstack developer

Fullstack developer

Do you know what makes a Fullstack?

Full Stack is the professional capable of operating in all stages of a project’s development, from interfaces to the creation of internal functionalities. His ability to see the project as a whole, from Front to Back-end, is an operational and strategic asset for companies.

Also known as developer, or just for the abbreviation “dev”, the developer is the professional responsible for developing systems for the internet and mobile applications.

The term “stack”, which means “stack” in English, is used to define the set of technologies that will be used in a certain function.

Full stack” is precisely a complete function, which dominates all areas of development for the web or mobile and can, like a Swiss army knife, solve any problem and find the most appropriate solutions.

There is a lot of talk these days about the concept of “DEV on T”, which means having a broad general knowledge but specializing in one area. With that in mind, it is important that the full stack dev have extensive knowledge, but choose a focus to pursue.

The full stack developer is highly sought after by companies that work with technology, because it is able to identify and solve problems from end to end, integrating the two areas of internet systems: the front end and the backend.




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