IONIC Mobile Developer

IONIC Mobile Developer

Do you know what a Mobile IONIC developer does?

Mobile app development has never been higher, and the prospect is that these numbers will continue to rise. If you want to start in this area, the devcast below brings a chat about the subject and a direction for your studies:

Ionic is an open source framework for cross-platform mobile application development. For this, it allows the implementation of the app using technologies commonly used in the construction of the Front-end of web solutions: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. However, as a differential in relation to the framework it adopts as a base, Apache Cordova, brings features that further simplify development and give the app a more professional look.

These differentials are related to the set of visual components that we can use to build the front-end of the solution, as well as the fact that Ionic brings with it another language and framework to provide a higher-level solution in terms of code and, consequently, design . We are talking about TypeScript and Angular.

Thus, we have the innovation of Cordova, Object Orientation in JavaScript, as well as the proposals that Angular implements in a single framework to build hybrid mobile apps. All of this makes Ionic the top choice when creating cross-platform mobile apps.



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