IoT developer

IoT developer

Do you know what an IOT developer does?

The development of IOT systems is based on the concept created by Kevin Ashton of Internet of Things, a term originated from the English, Internet of Things (IOT). It deals with the plane of merging physical and virtual resources, which makes people constantly interact with other objects. The elements used in everyday life include manufactured equipment and mobile devices, which use detectors, such as thermostat and accelerometer, introduced to gather information and act on them through internet resources.

The development of IOT systems has the ability to be inserted into large equipment such as stoves, freezers and automobiles, but also into smaller appliances such as lamps and clocks. The fundamental factor is that there are no connection problems with chips, antennas, among other sensors, as they use Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and other technological resources to access mobile networks, such as 3G and 4G. However, it is not enough for the equipment to be able to work with the internet, it also needs to have a control system.

The development of IOT systems can be applied as a way of improving the performance of different professional branches. See below for more details:

  • Medical institutions: surgeons can use the connected devices that measure blood pressure or heart rate and then send the results in real time to the evaluation control center;
  • Industries: the development of IOT systems is able to measure machine production statistics in real time or even indicate which areas of the site need more investment in equipment or material supplies;
  • Commerce: shelves with intelligent software indicate product consumption information, a reason that helps in the creation of marketing strategies.
    In addition, the development of IOT systems has the ability to assist services in other sectors, such as logistics, public transport and urban cleaning services



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