React Native developer

React Native developer

Do you know what a Dev React Native does?

Created by Facebook in 2015 under the MIT license, React Native is a framework for cross-platform mobile application development.

A Framework is a facilitator in the development of several applications and, without a doubt, its use saves time and costs for those who use it, because in a more basic way, it is a set of libraries used to create a base, where applications are built, an optimizer. of resources.

Based on React, a JS framework for web development, React Native makes it possible to create cross-platform mobile applications (Android and iOS) using only Javascript. However, unlike other frameworks with this same purpose (Cordova, for example), all code developed with React Native is converted to the operating system’s native language, which makes the app much more fluid.

The growing demand for the use of mobile applications in recent years is remarkable. With this in mind, several companies develop their solutions to facilitate the creation of these applications. With React Native, Facebook launched an incredible solution for cross-platform development using only Javascript code, which makes it easier (and a lot) for developers who already have knowledge in web development and even those who don’t, since it is a framework with high learning curve.



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