Ruby developer

Ruby developer

Do you know what a Ruby on Rails Developer does?

The Ruby on Rails Developer is responsible for programming, coding and testing Ruby on Rails-based software. In addition, it maintains platforms and fixes them, when necessary, in order to meet user demands.

This professional also has the ability to assemble and debug database-based programs. Therefore, it is important that he is familiar with databases.

In addition, the Ruby on Rails Developer must write clean and efficient code, plan for robust and secure features, and help with all stages of the development lifecycle. Generally, he works in places that follow the practices of test-driven development, continuous integration and agile methodologies. Therefore, it is essential that you have knowledge of these areas.

Other important knowledge of this professional:

  • Easy with other web-based languages ​​such as Javascript;
  • Understanding web markup, e.g. HTML;
  • Some soft skills, such as: teamwork, effective communication and proactivity.

See some more requirements that companies usually request: training in Computer Science or related area, experience and knowledge of front-end technologies such as CSS and JQuery, passion for writing clean and intelligent code.



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