Tech Lead

Tech Lead

Do you know what a Tech Lead does?

The Tech Lead is a technical and hands-on, hands-on despite leading the developer team. The technical lead is usually a developer who stands out for their deliverables and experience. In this role, the professional has the opportunity to improve their skills as a programmer, while developing leadership aspects.
It is expected that in this role the professional will be the protagonist of the actions carried out within the team. Bringing technological innovations and different ways of solving problems more efficiently is also a responsibility of the Tech Lead. In addition, the expectation is that he will be able to keep the team focused on what needs to be done, correctly prioritize activities and deliver results by getting the best out of each team member.
A good Tech Lead must be interdisciplinary, that is, know about different things in order to solve problems quickly and easily. Technical knowledge is essential, but you must also have good communication, the ability to learn quickly, self-management and, of course, leadership.
Leading is a completely different game from acting alone as a software engineer. However, if the professional understands and accepts the tradeoffs, he will have the potential to positively impact the company, society, the people he leads and grow professionally.
Tech Lead is versatile and, therefore, can assume different roles, changing “hat” according to the scenario.
Bridge between business and technology
The Tech Lead must act by translating the demands of more strategic management to the development team. Several roles have this characteristic of acting as a bridge between different areas, with the technical leader it is no different, he is the contact interface between the development team and the rest of the company.
If the Tech Lead doesn’t play this role as “spokesperson” for the team, an alternative will certainly be found. Generally, this alternative is based on the command and control model of top management directly with the developers. You’ve seen the chaos that this generates, right?
That’s why it’s important that the Tech Lead has some soft skills like verbal and written communication, planning and negotiation skills.
Technical Reference
The Tech Lead is often someone with superior technical skills, a more senior developer. In many companies the technical lead is actually a software architect and in other cases the solution architect as well.
 Many times the Tech Lead needs to make a technical decision that displeases a member of the team, in these cases his technical authority will ensure that the team is committed to the path to be followed.
If the Tech Lead does not play this role, the tendency is for the decision to be made together, by the whole team. Decisions made collectively often dilute the sense of responsibility. When everyone is responsible, no one will be personally responsible.
Guardian of Quality
The Tech Lead needs to be a staunch critic of the code that is “committed” to the official repository. It’s no use at the beginning for the project to have a structured architecture, easy-to-follow code style, well-defined project patterns and all this not being maintained throughout the project.
It is the leader’s role to create processes that prevent code quality from degrading over time. He is ultimately responsible for the quality of the code developed by the entire team.
Tech Lead must create code quality validation processes. Whether with unit tests, code review, cyclomatic complexity assessment, automatic code style checking tools and so on.
Expectations Aligners
A technical leader must take the reins of communication. When I refer to communication I mean not just being a kind of “spokesperson” for the team. But also to act as a facilitator in internal communication.

Communication is a tool for aligning expectations. The Tech Lead must proactively use this tool with developers, customers, the business area and even with the company’s CEO.

The Tech Lead as a more experienced professional must set an example in being a good listener and aligning expectations in order to help the team achieve its goals.



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