On May 12, 2022 the Alerj (The Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro) approved a bill (draft law) that restricts payments by approximation.

According to a project created by the deputies of the PSD Lucinha and Luiz Paulo, banks customer authorization before issuing credit or debit cards with NFC (approximation) technology. 

In addition, customers will receive transaction alerts, and will have to authorize each payment via the app.  

The the bill aims to provide more security. “In a globalized society and with advances in information and communication technology, it is increasingly necessary to offer security in transactions, thus avoiding the so-called scams by this modality”, justify the authors in the project text.

However, there are those who don’t think so. The  Mobile Time and Abecs institutions expressed themselves against the project. 

Through an official note, they stated that customers would be discouraged from using the payment method due to the difficulty of meeting the series of requirements existing in the project. The< /em> Payment by approach is a global modality, which has the same rules and transactional standards used worldwide and the requirement for confirmation of each transaction by the user, in addition to being incompatible with the system, it would cause the opposite effect to the one originally proposed by the modality, subjecting the consumer to a slow process with each use of their card.”

Ttechnology that brings you closer

The method of payment by approximation does not require the use of passwords and was created with the only intention of speeding up. 

With user safety in mind, in Brazil, payments via approximation are limited to R$200.00/day. 

Visa and Mastercard, the strongest brands in the world, no longer manufacture cards without NFC. 

It is also worth noting that banks provide customers with the option to block contactless payments through their respective applications. 

Therefore, we can understand that, if the law is enacted, the state of Rio de Janeiro will be a point outside the curve, technologically speaking, since banks will need to “turn around at 30” to adapt to the new rules. 

Since it was launched, about 41% of Brazilians use technology NFC to pay for their purchases. 

What do you think about it?


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