Have you heard about healthtech? Well, healthtech’s are startups that apply technology to the health sector.

One of these companies is Impulso Gov, which is launching a digital platform with the proposal to improve SUS data management.

This platform was named Impulso Previne and its focus will be the Programa Previne Brasil.

It is worth noting that the application will work for free.

The Project

According to João Abreu, executive director of Impulso Gov, the project Impulso Previne will work as a virtual assistant for SUS, and will show the manager the points that need to be prioritized, that need attention.

The project aims that in a period of two years the indicators will improve and, with this, obtain R$ 600 million reais in federal resources for public health actions in the municipalities.

As Impulso Gov is a non-profit company, the Impulso Previne application was financed by foundations, institutes and private sector companies and the National Council of Municipal Health Departments.

In addition to the benefits for public health management, Impulso Gov aims to be recognized as a pioneer in the intelligent use of data oriented to the health area.

The Results

SUS has 1.5 million professionals across the country. The intelligent use of data will provide improvements such as mapping the most vulnerable people in each municipality.

Thus, it will be possible to work on actions to prevent various diseases.

“The technology industry has become the largest in the world by developing intelligent and scalable methods to develop solutions for people. We want to use these same tools to solve public health challenges,” said João Abreu.

In short, it is technology at the service of people.


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