Every year, the consultancy Robert Half releases its Salary Guide, and in 2022 the highlight was the technology area. 

With the pandemic, there was a significant increase in the demand for hiring these professionals, causing the change in the value of the floor for various positions in the area. 

The conclusion about the values was made through research with companies from different segments, in addition to Recruitment and Selection consultancies, and Professional Outplacement agencies. 

Workers already employed, managers and entrepreneurs also participated in the survey. 

The average salaries are related to the level of the professional/position. 

The most common classification is Junior, Full and Senior.

In the IT area, salaries range from R$4,380.00 to R$ 33,550.00, depending on the position held.

To see the complete list, click here.

Technology roles include:

Software Development (Mobile Developer, Front-End Developer, Back-End Developer, Full-Stack Developer);

Product Owner (PO);

Product Manager;

Scrum Master;

Agile Coach;

Test Analyst;

Design (UX Designer, UI Designer);

Applications and Systems Integration (Systems Coordinator, Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Software Architect, DevOps Analyst);

Big Data (Data Specialist/Scientist, BI Analyst, BI Specialist);

Security/Governance (Information Security Coordinator, Security Analyst, PenTester);

Executive Leadership for IT (CIO – ChiefInformation Officer, CTO – Chief Technology Officer, CSO – Chief Security Officer, Development Manager, Systems Manager, Data Manager BI Manager – Business Intelligence, Information Security Manager, Infrastructure Manager);

Infrastructure/Cloud/Help Desk/Networks (Cloud Specialist, Infrastructure Coordinator, Infrastructure Analyst, Support Analyst).


We at Opah IT have several open positions. 

Salaries are compatible with the market and you can check out our opportunities here or by accessing the link < a href=”https://job.opah.com.br/”>https://job.opah.com.br/. 

Some Opah IT Jobs

• Senior Back-End Developer with a focus on .NET / .NET Core

• Developer Front-End focused on .NET / .NET Core

• Senior Systems Architect focused on .NET / .NET Core

• Senior Java Developer

• Full-Stack Developer Full 

• Developer Flutter

• Python Developer

• Oracle Developer

• QA Analyst with Automation

If you prefer, send your resume to our Tech Recruiter by email vagas@recruiter.opah.com.br.  

Don’t forget to let us know your salary expectation and good luck!


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