Argo AI, an autonomous management technology startup, announced on May 17 that it began testing automatic vehicles on the streets of Miami and Austin. 

The volunteers who accept the challenge of riding in a car without human driving are the officials of their own company. 

A few years ago, a Argo AI carried out tests using taxis-robôsnas roads, always with a motorist or driver for security measures. 

With the support of Ford and of Volkswagen, the mission of ArgoAI generates great expectations in society, because the future commercialization of these vehicles will revolutionize the transport and logistics system in general. 

According to Bryan Salesky, CEO of Argo AI, “A Argo< em> I was the first to hire a non-motorist in two large North American cities, operating safely between heavy traffic, pedestrians and cyclists in our busiest neighborhoods”.

The Lyft application and the Walmart já are using the pilot programs da Argo AI.

Asked about when the company intends to “unleash” novelty for the world, Bryan replies: “We are going to integrate non-motorist technology into commercial operations at no appropriate time.”

Bem, we can’t wait for isso…


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