On May 16, Uber announced the launch of a pilot food delivery service.

The novelty consists of the use of autonomous vehicles, that is, without drivers. 

Electric vehicles will follow a system that will list charging stations in two cities in California, USA. 

In addition, there will be robots walking the sidewalks of Santa Monica and West Hollywood, ensuring that consumers receive their orders in perfect condition.

Ads are part of annual event where Uber presents the public the latest updates to its app.

This pilot project stems from a partnership between Serve Robotics, Motional, Hyundai and Aptiv. 

An Uber spokesperson clarified that, in both services, the vehicles are monitored by human operators, and that it will take some time before this technology can be operated on large scale.

In the US, drivers registered in the app will have access to a map with vehicle charging stations.

Now we just have to wait for the news to arrive in Brazil.


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